Timothy - This month's biblical character

Timothy - This month's biblical character

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Published on Tuesday, 14 May 2019 11:45

Timothy was a native of Lystra in Phrygia (which is now part of the Asian half of modern day Turkey). His father was Greek, his mother Eunice (and grandmother Lois) were Jewish. Being of a mixed race parentage was no easier than it is today so no doubt he had to deal with lots of difficult situations as he grew up.

He was converted to the Christian faith through the influence of Paul. He then spent many years accompanying Paul and Silas on missionary work. He was a messenger from Paul to the churches of Corinth and Thessalonica. Trusted to be accurate in conveying Paul's letters and words to those churches.

He was involved in Paul's journey to Troas and he was left as leader of the church in Ephesus for a time. Being only about thirty-five years old this was considered a quite young age to be leading a church congregation. Paul writes two letters to him while he is in this responsible position (1 & 2 Timothy). The letters are words of thankfulness to God for his faith and loving, caring lifestyle. They also provide
encouragement to him as he develops in a difficult role. Timothy was prone to illness and rather shy so this letter encourages him to utilise God's strength to fulfil these leadership roles.

He is an example to us as, whatever our background or circumstances (no doubt he was just as busy in his thirties as we are in our modern age), he put God first and took on responsible roles in the church so that the congregation developed and God's message was shared with all.