Streetdragons - Dates for Autumn 2018

Street Dragons Dates for Autumn Term 2018

Meet Sundays (fortnightly) 5.30pm-7pm starts on the 16th September in the Parish Centre

16/9/18 – Getting to know you activities.

30/9/18 – Wacky Sports games

14/10/18 – The great chocolate quiz

28/10/18 – Night sky on the common

11/11 – puppet making

25/11 – puppet show

9/12 – Christmas log




Please remember, we  are now charging a flat £2 each week, which will cover whatever tuck your child chooses that week, regardless of whether they are in choir or not.

Please advise of adsence.  It your child does not attend for 2 weeks in a row without notification they will be moved to the waiting list.  If your child wishes to bring a guest, please check first.



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