Letchworth Food Bank

Letchworth Food Bank - Helping those below the line

"Help your hungry neighbour" is the overriding theme of a food bank and the Parish is now supporting a newly established food bank* in Letchworth.

It is specifically geared towards people who experience a short term crisis and provides food parcels to cover, initially, 3 days (10 balanced meals) for individuals, families etc. Referral agencies issue vouchers which are redeemed by clients at a distribution centre (Fortescue Hall). Initially the distribution centre will open twice a week at an interval of 3 days to allow for the fact that some clients may be in need of a second referral.

At the distribution centre, volunteers provide tea/coffee etc and a listening ear. They also help clients with information about agencies who can give on-going help to resolve the problems which have given rise to the crisis.

The scheme is supported by the Trussell Trust, who have made available this informative video: