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Our theme for the Messy Church in August was 'Who do you trust?' We looked at the bible story of Daniel in the Lions den.


We took part in many activities which reminded us how Daniel trusted in God when he was thrown in the lions' den and God looked after him. In the same way God will look after us when we trust him.


Photos from Messy Church  on Thursday 26th August

Run as Churches Together with Norton Methodist Church


                                        All the activities set out for the morning.

  A mobile phone reminds us that we can always talk to God.  There is always a signal to speak to him.

Cutting out a finger puppet of Daniel

    Creating Lion Masks



LIon Biscuits looked good

  Making praying hands. We weaved a pattern on a hand, after writing a prayer.

Making Crowns. The king saw that Daniel trusted God.

   Our prayers can reach God anywhere. This was shown by our prayer parachures.

We watched lions coming out of melting ice. How long did it take for the ice to melt?

We hope to run the next Messy Church at Norton Methodist Church in October half term.

Look out for the date on this site and facebook