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Our theme for the Messy Church in October was 'Standing Together' We looked at the bible story of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus.


We took part in many activities which reminded us how Jesus invited himself to Zacchaeus' house for a party after Zacchaeus changed his life to follow Jesus. We learnt that even small people can be part of God's kingdom and He helps us even when things are hard in our lives.

 Photos from Messy Church 

Run as Churches Together with Norton Methodist Church

                                                                                                             Naming our bags     


Showing perseverence to balance a ball.

              Helping Zacchaeus climb a tree  

 Making a place mat for the party. 

God knows our names so we made name tags for our doors

Decorating tree biscuits with icing and sweets.


    What do you see? Making binoculars to help.


Zacchaeus cliimbed a Sycamore Fig tree to see Jesus

    We tasted different types of figs. What did you think?

  Creating party hats for the party.


Fun with playdough


We hope to run the next Messy Church at St George's Parish Hall on Thursday 23rd December.

See you then 10.00 - 12.30